Climate control through the reduction of Co2e from Earth’s atmosphere is without question one of the most important challenges we face over the next century.

The evidence is unequivocal, which is why removing C02e from Earth’s atmosphere is the main objective and driving force behind the day to day operation of this little ceramic studio. It’s a two pronged approach;

Step 1. Reduce and then offset all Sam Mayell Ceramics emissions,
Step 2. Make it our absolute mission to pull as much C02e from Earth’s atmosphere as possible.

Estimating how much C02e the studio emits on an annual basis can be achieved using a number of calculators that can be found online. I know Sam Mayell Ceramics approximately emits 27,581.68 kg of C02e each year. Slightly more than an average household.  You can see the workings here.

To offset these emissions I’ve teamed up with Ecologi who run a number of amazing climate initiatives and are 100% focused on the reduction of co2 in Earths atmosphere.

Every time you order here a portion of that sale goes to Ecologi. Those funds go directly to the planting of trees (which suck the carbon from the atmosphere) and drive progress on various carbon capture programs around the globe.

When you purchase a cup, vase or any piece of ceramic-ware from Sam Mayell Ceramics you are not only covering the co2 emissions of the creation of your piece, you are removing c02 from the environment and making our planet that little bit greener. Each month I publish the financials of the business and this includes how much has been gifted towards the reduction of C02. You can also see statistics of what we’ve achieved to date, here on my Ecologi profile.

We are also hooked up with Ecologi via an API. Each time an order is processed over $100, $10 is immediately transferred to them. Approximately $8.20 of that $10 goes directly towards the planting of 25 baby trees in protected forest regions. Those 25 trees will absorb .5 tonnes (5000kg) of co2. That’s the equivalent of driving 1200 miles or 1931 kilometres. It’s a big deal.

It’s my pledge, that for every piece of ceramic-ware that’s produced from this studio. Instead of taking a little from our planet, to give it back… with interest.

You can see our progress here.