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Handle With Care

Crafted to endure for a lifetime, ceramics possess remarkable resilience. From cups and vases to ceramic sculptures, these pieces have withstood the passage of time, enduring in museums, family heirlooms, ancient tombs, and hidden caves across the globe.

With proper care, these items can be treasured and passed on to future generations.

The studio currently uses 2 clays, a speckled cookies & cream and creamy smooth stoneware. The stoneware is bisque fired and then glaze fired to cone 6 (1220 degrees).

Pieces are dishwasher & microwave safe. I occasionally make one-off pieces with hand-drawn gold lustre and underglaze decals, these are best hand-washed.

Glass and any ceramic item, can very rarely crack when pouring rolling boiling water into the vessel when it's very cold. This is something to keep in mind and I would recommend waiting 30 seconds for the boil to stop before pouring.


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